5 Reasons You Should have a Vow Renewal

To Celebrate a Big Milestone Anniversary If you are celebrating a big anniversary what better way to do it than to reaffirm your vows to each other.  Whether you want an intimate ceremony with just the two of you, or you want to relive your wedding day surrounded by family and friends, it can be…

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Ring Exchange Wording

The exchanging of rings is one of the most special parts of your wedding ceremony.  While you don’t have to exchange rings, for those who do want to, it is a beautiful symbol of your love for each other and your commitment to your life as a married couple. You will probably be familiar with…

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What is the Difference Between a Celebrant and a Registrar?

Celebrant wedding ceremony

This is a question I get asked time and time again, and understandably so.  In essence both celebrants and registrars conduct ceremonies, but there are some big differences in how we do that!  Here are the main differences between celebrants and registrars explained… Choice I would say the biggest difference is the level of choice…

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