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5 Reasons You Should have a Vow Renewal

To Celebrate a Big Milestone Anniversary

If you are celebrating a big anniversary what better way to do it than to reaffirm your vows to each other.  Whether you want an intimate ceremony with just the two of you, or you want to relive your wedding day surrounded by family and friends, it can be a great way to mark your achievement as a couple and look forward to the next chapter in your relationship.

To Reaffirm Your Love for Each Other After a Difficult Time

Whether you have recovered from serious illness or been through a rocky patch as a couple.  Renewing your vows is the perfect way to put those troubled times behind you and to look to the future with a clean slate.  Reflecting on how far you have come and the appreciating the support your partner may have offered in bad times can be really wonderful.

To Include Your Family in Your Ceremony

Maybe your family has grown since you made your wedding vows and you want to have a ceremony that includes your children or wider family.  Making the ceremony a family occasion and giving your children a part to play can make your day really special.

To Reflect Who You Are as a Couple Today

People and relationships change over the years and you may feel that the vows you made on your wedding day no longer truly reflect who you are.  Having a personalised vow renewal means you can make new promises and vows to each other that really reflect who you are and what you think are the most important things for you both moving forward. 

To Throw the Party You have Always Wanted

Maybe your original wedding day was a small affair, or maybe you look back and think there were things that you would have changed about your big day.  A vow renewal is the perfect chance to throw the celebration you always wanted.  You don’t need any more excuse than that!

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