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5 Tips for Choosing Your Wedding Day Music

Choosing the music for your wedding ceremony can be HARD.  If you’re a lover of music, you may have so many songs that are special to you that it’s hard to narrow them down.  If you are not really a massive music enthusiast, it can be hard to think of ideas!

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Here’s 5 tips for choosing the music for wedding ceremony and for the party afterwards.

  1. Choose the music that you want.  You may feel you have to water down your music choices if you have Grandma at your ceremony, or if you are holding your wedding in an elegant venue.  However, its YOUR day and you should have the music that means something to you.  If you are huge punk fans, and you want to walk down the aisle to The Sex Pistols, do it!
  2. Think of new ways of including the songs you love.  You may have a song you love, but the radio version of the song would not be in-keeping with the style of your wedding ceremony.  You can always look at new ways of making the song more ‘wedding-friendly.’  You could have a harpist play your favourite Oasis song, a gospel choir singing The Smiths, or a classical pianist playing a Beyonce song…
  3. Thing of what you will be doing when the song is playing.  If you are walking down the aisle you may not want to be trying to keep up with the tempo of a Prodigy tune!  Likewise, think of how you want your first dance to be.  If you want a romantic waltz, go for a slower ballad.  If you want something more fun and up-tempo that gets everyone on their feet, pick something that will get everyone going.
  4. Check if your wedding venue have any limitations on what you can or can’t have music-wise.  All venues should have a music license but check what time you can play music until.  If you are party animals, you may want to check your venue has a later license. 
  5. Consider your budget.  If you love music, but don’t have the budget for a live band and a DJ, why not create your own playlist on Spotify (or another streaming service) for your evening reception and then free up some cash to spend on someone to do a live set at your drink’s reception, or vice versa?  Look for local musicians that may be cheaper.  If you have musical friends, why not get them involved and let them take over playing or DJ-ing?

Lastly, finish the night on a high.  Choosing a song you know will get everyone on the dancefloor for the grand finale of the whole day can be a really memorable moment.  Choose a song that everyone will know the words to and get that group hug going!

I’m always on hand to offer help or advice when choosing your music. In fact, I love to be involved in this!

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